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MEDITALK brings to you EXTRA INFORMATION and ANSWERS to your personal health questions. This in order to manage your own health problems. We do this during events and workshops in cooperation with doctors, scientists and licensed nutritionists. Extra information concerning positive effects of different massage systems – meditation and yoga will be addressed as well.

Bringing knowledge on all aspects to health issues

Consultation, Events and Workshops as Mission

Who is Guy Van Elsacker and what is His intention with MediTalk


Guy  is  a  research  worker  in  biomedical  science  for  more  than  half  a  century .  His  doctorate  was  a  major  research  about  interaction  between  the  omega  fatty  acids  chains  in  relation  to  psoriasis .  His  specialization  is  the  constitution  of  cell  membranes  and  the  cross - talk  of  cells . Since 2001 his research interest was focused on the oncogene field and he is a supporter of a holistic approach (classical treatment + diet + new techniques out of the field of genetics and nano-medicine). As a total independent researcher Guy works close together with different high classified research centers all over the world most of them in the Czech Republic and Florida(USA). Actually he initiated the movement MEDITALK to bring more information to patients from different diseases. The goal is to give them extra tools to manage - for a part - their own illness. Guy’s view is that the actual medical doctors are in a situation that doesn’t allow them anymore to cover the total approach of a disease due to a lack of time. Time for their patient and last but not least time for follow up the developments in emerging fields as medical nutrition and genetics. Guy will try to close this information gap to the average patient by initiate meetings where this kind of information can be forwarded by different health care specialists and scientists.

Our Events

Be Connected with us and participate in events to gather more knowledge about health

Sat, 11 Jan 2014

“NUTRITIONAL HEALING” - Next MEDITALK Workshop will take place on
Saturday January 11th

(Na Rybnicku 5, near IP Pavlova – Prague 2)
from 10.00 a.m. to 04.30 pm Entrance 170 CK
which includes medical consultation and personal talk with experts.

Additional : F
ree    Bowen, Indian Massage or Meditation technique is available.

MEDITALK is not there for selling some products but for providing basic understandable but scientific underbuilt knowledge. This Event is to discuss the health issues and the problems, the products or the medication which one deals with. Whatever your actual problem is which is threatening the quality of your life you get FREE additional and useful information. Information which will be provided by medical doctors, scientists or nutritionists. This free information should lead to a kind of MEDICAL and NUTRITIONAL change which you can introduce yourself in your life.

This in cooperation with us and your own medical provider Medical doctors – Nutritionists - Biomedical scientists HAVE FREE ENTRANCE.
FEEL FREE TO INVITE YOUR OWN DOCTOR or SPECIALIST IN OUR NAME. We are endorsed by different patient organizations. We are not commercial orientated. We will give you FREE advice about what you yourself can supplementary do. All related to your personal questions where your own doctor sometimes don’t have the extra time or extra knowledge anymore to give you a complete answer.

***Separate consultation space for strictly private topics is foreseen***.

Our Team

Dedicated Biomedical Scientists, Licensed Nutritionists, Medical Doctors, Pharmaceutical Experts, Yoga Trainers, Meditation Learners, Masseurs and supporting members.

Guy Van Elsacker

Founder, Biomedical Scientist
"We focus on the people's health and bridge of knowledge from various health sectors and reasons behind methods of cure."

Sona Esposito

Co-Founder, Accounts, Promotion
"Connecting liens, medical, holistic and scientific approach to health topics. Selected and proven information is what counts..."

Ranjan Rampal

Co-Founder, Publicity, Meditation Learner
"We strongly promote continuous learning and training, Precaution is better than cure and knowledge can help you."


We connect the knowledge, We investigate the values from different methods of cure and We bring a personal and effective approaches to every person who contact us and help them with health issues, which is why they like us.

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